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(English) Basic Seminar: Leading with Excellence. Leading in Research.

Ethical Leadership: Combining a Culture of Excellence and Appreciation

This basic seminar is aimed at habilitands and postdocs.

The goal

To achieve scientific excellence, we are convinced that excellent leadership is needed which means to not only lead by example but also ethically and responsibly. Guided by this understanding, you will receive suggestions in the form of scientific theories and practical tools for excellent leadership and collaboration in your team.

The guiding questions

  • How do I know if I am a good leader?
  • How do I combine top performance with human dignity?
  • How do I promote cooperation in a heterogeneous team?
  • How do I motivate my employees?

The implementation

In this basic seminar, you will receive an overview of the most important theories and models of professional employee leadership and learn helpful techniques that you can use in your daily dealings with your employees and in critical situations. In addition, we will introduce you to the most important theories and methods of teamwork and communication. We will focus on how to successfully deal with conflicts and how to effectively use diversity in the team.

We recommend that you first take part in this event before you visit our further in-depth offers that are of particular relevance to you.


Ass.-Prof. Dr. Sandra J. Diller is an Assistant Professor of Organizational Psychology at the Private University Schloss Seeburg and Research Partner of the Institute of Coaching (Harvard Medical School). She is a certified trainer for social competencies since 2011, a certified mentor since 2013, and a certified coach since 2015. Her research focusses on leadership and people management in the area of ethics and excellence.

Basic seminar for Habilitands and Postdocs

Instructor: Ass.-Prof. Dr. Sandra J. Diller

Monday, 18th December 2023, 09.00 a.m. - 12.00 p.m. and 01.00 p.m. - 04.00 p.m.

(8 Credits)

Group size: max. 8 persons 

In-person format