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(English) Bridging Cultures

Leading and Collaborating in Intercultural Teams

The goal

Working effectively in intercultural teams is an integral part of being a researcher and is becoming increasingly important in our globally networked world. As a leader of an intercultural team, there are additional challenges involved. The goal of the seminar is to convey psychological basics on the topic of intercultural collaboration, to offer helpful practical tools and to open the space for exchange of experiences and discussion. The seminar is aimed at scientists who already hold a leadership position or are interested in assuming one in the future.

The guiding questions

  • How do I lead an intercultural team?
  • Which psychological models and theories help us to better understand the challenges of intercultural leadership?
  • What special features are there to consider when leading and collaborating in intercultural teams?
  • How can I improve cooperation in an intercultural team?


In this seminar, you will receive an overview of the most important psychological theories on the topic of intercultural leadership and cooperation. The focus is on the application of classic leadership principles in an international context and dealing with intercultural differences. You will learn about helpful tools for practice and also have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other participants in a practical discussion in order to benefit from each other's experiences.


Dr. Irmgard Mausz is a trainer, research assistant and coach at the Center for Leadership and People Management. She completed her doctorate at the LMU in the field of work psychology. Her areas of training include leadership, self-management, positive psychology and job applications.

Stefanie Krauth, M.Sc. is a research assistant, trainer and PhD candidate at the LMU Center for Leadership and People Management. She studied psychology at the University of Vienna with a focus on work, economic and social psychology.

Instructors: Dr. Irmgard Mausz; Stefanie Krauth, M.Sc.

Wednesday, 10th January 2024, 09:30 a.m. - 01:30 p.m.

(4 credits)

Group size: max. 12 persons
Venue: In-person format